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TrayStory.com is a coming together of mavericks from the kitchen.

A platform which intends to help each and every food blogger, homemaker, chef or even a passionate foodie to post, discuss and reach a wider audience and showcase their passion towards food and art of cooking. TrayStory.com intends to work as a collaborator and create a platform where only one thing would be discussed and remain a point of focus 24/7 a week and 365 days a year, Food!!!

We intend to help our audience discover their favorite recipes by experts on our website, discuss and clarify the concerns they might have on the forum and share the joy of home cooking with their loved ones at home.

TrayStory.com extends this invitation to every passionate foodie on the internet to join, share, discuss and inspire people to cook their favorite food at the comfort of their kitchen with all the help and support provided by the experts on our website.

Come, Join and let’s spread the joy and satisfaction of home cooking.