Q1.What is TrayStory.com?

A. Traystory.com is a community website where members can post their cooking recipes/videos, ask Questions relating to food and get answers from community members for the same.

Q2.Can anyone join Traystory.com?

A. Yes!!! Traystory.com is a website built for people who have a passion for food. So anybody sharing the same passion can join us simply by clicking on this LINK.

Q3. Are there any membership fees to be paid to join traystory.com?

A. Absolutely No!!! Membership is free and will remain so until the existence of the website..

Q4. There are 100s of recipe websites on internet… What is so different about Traystory.com? Yes, there are millions of recipes and food related blogs/websites on the internet. However Traystory.com is different on two fronts.

A. (a) Traystory.com allows all members to post recipes/videos as long as they meet community standards.
(b) Traystory.com has a community forum which helps food bloggers and passionate foodies to bond together, discuss variations in cooking, ask questions and get answers from experts in the community. All these things will transform in an excellent experience for anyone trying to experiment in kitchen.

Q5. Do you accept postings copied from internet?

A. No… We expect all our members to share only original recipes/videos made by them. Any type of plagiarism will not be entertained and the recipes/videos will be taken down once identified.

Q6. What if I see my recipes/videos posted on your website by someone else?

A. Please bring it to our notice immediately with necessary proof to validate your claim and we will take it down from the website or attribute the credits to you and retain the recipes/videos with your permission.

Q7. What is the benefit of posting recipes/videos on traystory.com when I already have a food blog/website?

A. Look at it as a platform for free advertisement!!! You will be able to publish your recipes/videos among a larger audience and also get to bring some traffic back to your blog/website through the link in your profile.

Q8. I posted a recipe/video on your website but it’s still not published, why?

A. There can be multiple reasons for your recipe/video still not visible on our website.
(a) Generally it would take a minimum of 24-48 hours for our backend team to check the recipes/videos for corrections or updations before it is published. You may have to check back after this time to see if you are able to view your post.
(b) The recipe/videos might require some corrections and our team would have suggested you the same. Please check your notifications tab after logging into our website with your credentials.
(c) c. We are strictly against plagiarism and traystory.com never encourages its users to post others content on its website. Hence if we have identified it as a copied content we may have not published it on our website. For disputes regarding plagiarism claim and counter claim you can write to us in detail at support@traystory.com

Q9. I posted a question on the forum/I commented on a question on the forum, but it’s been deleted, why?

A. Normally we don’t moderate/delete every other question or comments posted on the forum unless some/many users flag it as inappropriate, irrelevant content, hate speech/propaganda etc. for more details on forum standards please click here.

Q10. How do I publish my recipes/videos on your website?

A. You have to sign up and become a member to publish your recipes/videos on our website. Click Here to sign up and click here to know step by step process to publish a recipe/videos successfully.

Q11. I don’t remember my login id/password.

A. Please check your email for the login id which you would have received in the welcome mail from traystory.com. Click forgot password on the login page to generate new password of your own.

Q12. Where can I update my personal details, photo and a link to my personal blog page?

A. You can update all the information on the profile page after logging with your user credentials.

Q13. I don’t see my question here.

A. If you have any specific question and you don’t find an answer on this FAQ, please write to us at support@traystory.com. We will try our best to provide you an answer.

Q14. How can I promote my business or page on traystory.com? How can I advertise on Traystory.com?

A. Now we are Talking!!! We are happy to partner with you in promoting/advertising your business/products on our website and forums as long as the business/product is related to food industry. Please click here for further information about advertising with us.